County Cup

2017-18 - County Cup is under way with mainly the same format, only change is that there will be a handicap system that will "assist" the lower league. Intention that the lower league team has the "potential" to beat the higher league. IE. play all your games - you may win !!!

See above re group draws and revised rules, See "Lg. News" for any questions and answers re the new format - send any questions to the League Secretary

There was no County Cup in 2016-17, due to poor participation last year, we will be looking to re-invigorate and/or replace this. Any suggestions welcome.

Past Winners - Role of Honour

2015-16 - This Year !!!!

Ladies: Grantham

A Comp: Softcode Solutions David Lloyd 1
B Comp: Clifton Park 2
C Comp: Nottingham University Staff 2

D Comp: Racketeers 2 (again!!)


Ladies: Nottingham SRC

A Comp: Air IT Nottingham 1
B Comp: Rushcliffe 1
C Comp: David Lloyd WB 3
D Comp: Racketeers 2


Ladies: Nottingham SRC

A Comp: David Lloyd Nottingham 1
B Comp: Southwell 1
C Comp: Racketeers 1
D Comp: Whitaker Nomads 4


Ladies: Nottingham SRC

A Comp:Grantham 1
B Comp:
Nottingham SRC2
C Comp:
Whitaker Nomads 3
D Comp:
Racketeers 2


Ladies: Trent Bridge

A Comp:Spartans
B Comp:
Nottingham Uni Students2
C Comp:
Rushcliffe 2
D Comp:

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