County Cup Rules


1. The County Cup Competition is open to all clubs playing in the main Nottingham Leagues. (ie Intro division is not included. Scoring for matches in Group A will be PAR 11. Scoring for rest will be English, Hand in Hand out scoring, unless both teams agree to PAR 11 being used.

1a There will be a handicap system - details to be confirmed later

2. All team members must be eligible to play for their club in the Nottinghamshire Squash League.

3. Teams must play in accordance with the seeding list submitted to the Nottinghamshire Squash League.

4. All team members must have played in a minimum number of matches for their respective club team in the Nottinghamshire Squash League to be eligible to play in the semi-final and final stages of the Competition. (Clarification: The minimum number is 5 times for a Competition A, 4 for B, 3 for C and 2 for D. Note: League “tied player” (rule 21) does not apply to the County Cup.  (The requirement for Ladies competitions is to have played once). Once a player has played for a higher team twice (in the county cup), they are then cup tied to that team.

5. There will be no entry fee payable. Eligible clubs will be entered automatically into the Main and Ladies Competitions. Trophies will be presented to all finalists. (Clarification: Sharing Costs: As there is only one tie between teams then cost (courts, balls, food) should be shared on the night between the two teams.)

6. Results to be emailed to the league secretary within 48hours of completion of the match.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7. Closing dates for rounds and nominated home teams shall be notified to all clubs competing. If clubs cannot agree on a date to play the match then the closing date of the round shall be deemed to be the date of the match. Home teams are responsible for organising the fixture, failure to do so will be forfeit of the match and the away team being given a buy. The date agreed for the fixture should be notified to the League Secretary. (Clarification: It is possible for an arranged match (ie both teams have agreed a date) to be slightly after the deemed closing date if agreement has been given by the League Secretary)

8. Any team playing an ineligible player shall be disqualified from the Competition, as will any club not represented by a full complement of five players.

9. Except where covered above, the rules of the Nottinghamshire Squash League and the SRA shall apply. In all disputes the decision of the Competition Sub-Committee shall be final and binding.


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