Get The Best

How To Get The Best From Notts. County Leagues

The Best is:-

  • ·Playing competitive squash in friendly and fun atmosphere, where the league just happens with the minimum of fuss and effort for all involved
  • ·Where we all support the notion of “fair play” and enjoy fair competition
  • ·Where everyone is sociable & friendly
  • ·Where there is little or no complaints nor grumpiness


All communications should be to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , please always make the e-mail subject “club/team/division/subject”

Crucial Advise read the rules, County League Rules, ignorance is no excuse

Before the Season – August / September

Club Captain / Team Captains; Find out how many confirmed players you have and how many teams you can support. Club Captain to produces the club seedlings list (in the required format). If any of your teams are candidates for promotion from last years results, but for whatever reason do not want promotion then this must advised to League Secretary before the  AGM (Early September).

Club Captain must:- attend the League AGM, confirm the teams, their home nights & start times, pay the entrance fees.

How this helps – The League Secretary needs the confirmed team list to organise the leagues, confirm promotions/demotions, note new or folded teams and produce the full fixture list. Target is to publish these by mid-September, with first matches late September/begin October. So all the information must be available by the AGM date to allow this to happen.

As you can imagine any changes (folding teams, teams not wanting promotion) after the leagues and fixtures have been produced, creates a huge extra amount of re-work, creates many changed/cancelled fixtures and is a general pain in the **** for everybody involved. So please get your information correct and in time.

As you know we now have the seedings on the web site. This is a fantastic new feature but it does take a bit of time to do, so please produce the single club seeding list in the format requested and do it once – don’t keep making changes.

At The Start of the Season

Check your fixtures, you have until end October to make any changes. The program that works out the fixtures is not perfect so there may be clashes, especially for the bigger clubs with more than one team sharing the same home night. All changes must be informed to the League Secretary, please don’t drip feed the changes, sort them out and send in one mail. All must be agreed with the other team.

Any match re-arrangement after 31st October must be for exceptional circumstances and must be by mutual agreement. But please be reasonable – it’s better to play if possible.

The League Secretary will make the changes on the web-site. Please note the initial list will not be re-issued – so always treat the web-site as the master list.

Suggested Protocol for Playing Matches

Please contact your opponents a few days (5-7) in advance to confirm all is OK, any special food requirements, any request to not play in the standard order 5,4,3,2,1. Make sure you turn up on time.

If you need to cancel then do so asap, pre-warn your opponents if appropriate. If its late cancellation please expect that the match will be forfeited. Please be aware if you are the away team the late cancellation may mean your opponents will incur unavoidable costs. Rules Quote: If any match is conceded or cancelled at short notice the offending away team may be liable to reimburse the home team for any reasonable expenditure incurred with regard to court fees and/or meals.

Please note we want people to play squash and play matches where possible, hence the deterrent of; if you forfeit 2 matches then the team will be removed from the league – ie so don’t forfeit!! Play!!

Be sociable – all players should go to the post match food/drink. Obviously there can be exceptions but one of the best parts of match play is the banter and chat after the match.

Suggested Protocol for Playing Games

It is suggested that all clubs encourage the development of qualified referee’s – ideally team players. Having good referees encourages enjoyable fair squash. Referee Information

Anyone playing squash has a duty to know the rules. The rules have changed over the years, so go read them, talk to referees so you actually understand them. World Squash Rules

Be a Gentleman/Lady while on court – you may query decisions once, but that’s all then you must play on. Do not argue, do not complain, do not show decent, do not abuse racket/ball and do not use foul language. Players not willing to play be the rules and the behaviour expected will be expelled from County Squash. Code of Conduct

During the season

Results – enter on the website within 48 hours. Enter them correctly first time – it’s a pain to change. If you are a first time captain you will need to request a results login.

New players can be introduced (see limitations in the rules) but you cannot change the sequence of the existing seeding list (except next paragraph), ie you could have a new person in at position 6, but 1-20 (21) must stay in the same sequence.

You have one opportunity to re-seed at the end of December. Please send in the new list (in the required format) by close 31st December. Anything received after will not be allowed.

Please note some players may be removed from the seeding list on 31st December if they have not played the required games. These player cannot now play any games this season. These will be shown on the seeding list on the web-site. Eg  Smith. There are exceptions to this, eg extended injury etc – just ask the League Secretary.

Play all your matches, all must be played by the required end of season date. Any not played (without explanation) will be deemed forfeited by both clubs ie both will get a 5 point penalty.


As noted at the beginning we want people to enjoy playing competitive squash in a friendly atmosphere. Running of the league and the playing of games should be fuss free and fair to all. Its having rules that makes this happen – as long as people know them & play to them.

Please Please Please ensure you now the rules and our procedures – then your experience will be as stated above.

Best of wishes for the season, enjoy your squash – NSRA League Secretary

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