League Rules - Notes & Guidance

Hi - every one who plays in the league should read the rules - it will only help you. Below notes changes and top tips (lower down)

League Rule - NEW 2018-19

  • 41. (NEW) Scoring rules: PAR 11 for the Premier leagues. PAR 15 for division 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

All : player must win by 2 clear points

Intro League - Update to Rule 3

  • 3. It is entirely possible that a player in the intro league may wish to play the occasional game in the main league squash for the same club or another club, this is allowed. Note main league rule 9 then applies, ie cannot play for two clubs in the main leagues. NB They must be added to the main seeding on playing the first game for a main league team.

League Rule - NEW 2017-18

  • we now have two Premier divisions, both playing PAR 11
  • PAR 11 or 13 or 15 will be introduced into all leagues from 2018-19.
  • Last league plays the easygoing "introduction league" rules
  • New Rule: 44. Junior Safety. In line with England Squash policies, approved eye protection must be worn by all juniors playing in these leagues. Failure to comply will mean player expulsion from the leagues
  • New Rule: 45. Match Ball, as now the official match ball for most leagues is the Double Yellow Spot Dunlop Match Squash Ball. However for divisions 4 & 5 Captains may agree in advance of the match that the Single Yellow Spot Dunlop Match Squash Ball will be used for all rubbers. The County feel that the use of a slightly bouncier ball for improving players will improve their game and their enjoyment. It also allows some mitigation of cold courts and cold weather.

League Rule - NEW 2016-17

  • please note the AGM voted to that rule 23 is now just once for all divisions

League Rule - NEW 2015-16

  • the new rules are now on the website, they will not be e-mailed
  • very minor changes, big thing is lots of clarification notes, these may change your previous interpretation - so please read

League Rules - NEW 2014-15

  • Rules have been modified for a variety of reasons, primarily to:-
    • Ensure fair play across all clubs, teams and players
    • Ensure a professional, well structured, sensibly conducted league that is a pleasure to play in
    • Ensure the league is easy to manage and easy to participate in – with the minimal amount of issues or frustrations
    • Encourage increased participation in this great sport
  • Highlights are:-
    • Possible penalties for clubs not following best practice to support the smooth running of the league
    • Rule Subset for “introduction” League

League Rules - General

  • you all have the rules - but what does that mean to me, how does that work with the team squads I have....
  • most common queries & miss-understandings
  • Example:
    • Q: what is "NSRA Team" - why is it not my team squad?
    • A: The rules use the "5 man" NSRA Team as the basis of many rules - in practice its not the same as the actual team that you play week in/week out, as many clubs effectively have squads of more than 5 players - it is confusing but worth understanding.
  • Must play "x" Games before end December:
    • Rule 23. Any player in a TEAM POSITION on a Club's seeding list who has not played a minimum of ONE match prior to the 1st January re-seeding date shall be REMOVED from that seeding list for the REMAINDER of the season
    • Q: what does that mean?
    • A: We are back to the "5 man" NSRA Team here, all NRSA team seeded players should play 1 games before the end of year deadline. So if you have 3 teams then the rule applies to the first 15 only.

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