League News

League News will be used to post urgent & topical news regards the league - please get into the habit of checking every week or so, thanks

01/07/18 - County Cup Finals & League presentations

Just a quick thank you to everyone who took part, and/or helped re our County Finals yesterday. Results below:

A Final: Winners - David Lloyd Nottm 1
            : Runner Up - Clifton Park 1
B Final: Winners - David Lloyd West Bridgford 1
            : Runner Up - Whitaker Nomads 2
C Final: Winners - Trent Uni Students 2

League Winners
• P1 - David Lloyd Nottm 1
• P2 - Loughborough Students 1
• D1 - Chilwell 1
• D2 - David Lloyd West Bridgford 1
• D3 - NSRC Racketeers 2
• D4 - Trent Uni Students 2

D5 - Nottm Uni Development

20/05/18 - County Cup Finals & League presentations

Venue: The Park Squash Club Saturday 23rd June

  • "B" & "C" finals to start at 11:00am – you have one court to play the match, so it will go on until finished ~ 2pm
  • "A" final will start after both the above have finished, start approx. 2:30pm – using 2 courts will run to ~ 5pm.
  • Time then for showers and buffet start – Then County Cup & League winners medal presentations

Spectators Welcome

League Winners are: -

  • P1 - David Lloyd Nottm 1
  • P2 - Loughborough Students 1
  • D1 - Chilwell 1
  • D2 - David Lloyd West Bridgford 1
  • D3 - NSRC Racketeers 2
  • D4 - Trent Uni Students 2
  • D5 - Nottm University Development

17/03/18 - County Cup, analysis so far...

  • Comp A: of 11 matches only 3 have been played. Not good !!
  • Comp A: of those played all 3 results were 3/2 - so looks like the handicap worked perfectly
  • Comp B: of 12 matches 7 played - not bad :-)
  • Comp B: of those  3 x 3/2, 2 x 4/1, 2 x 5/0, a 4 to 2 bias in favor of the lower team (where Higher v Lower) ie a good mix of results. Slight bias to lower league teams.
  • Comp C: of 12 matches 8 played - not bad :-)
  • Comp C: of those  3 x 3/2, 3 x 4/1, 2 x 5/0, a 7 to 1 bias in favor of the lower team (where Higher v lower) ie a good mix of results. But too much of a bias to the lower league teams

feedback is that games have completed too quickly, easily adjusted for next year

so - about a 1000% better than no handicap where the lower teams hardly ever won a match, will adjust B slightly and C more so to try and get an even balance - ie its worth playing as any team could win :)


04/03/18 - Snow and cancelled games

  • In case you missed it we had a little bit of snow last week. Meant a few games had to be cancelled. Please remember how this works. Please tell the league asap re any games that are cancelled, the dates of these get changed on the web site to 1/5/18 - this means they will be rearranged but that the date is not kown yet. (cancelled games in the first had the date 31/12/17). All these need to be rearranged, League ends 30/4/18. Both teams should cooperate to get these rearranged and played. It will be taken into consideration if one teams tries and the other does not.

21/01/18 - County Cup

  • As you know we cancelled last years County Cup as there was a severe lack of games being played in the previous year, please play your games this year (as it could be the last one ever). Pre-Lim matches due to be played by 11/02/18. 

01/01/18 - January Re-seed

  • This is now done. Please check as you may have players excluded due to rule 23, as explained previously.

26/12/17 - One chance to re-seed

  • If you want to re-seed your players, then you have one opportunity. This must be done now, new seeding list should be recieved before 1/1/18 (seeding list must be sent by the club's main contact - NOT individual team captains)

21/12/17 - County Cup

  • Draws have now been published (see County Cup on the home page) for more info. including the new rules & handicap system
  • Any questions to League Secretary, anything worth sharing will be put on here.

16/12/17 - County Cup

  • Please see C.Cup tab above (and County Cup on the home page) for more info

3/12/17 - Conduct on and off court

  • Avid readers of the website/rules will know that we take a strong stance regards on/off court behavior. We want everyone to enjoy playing squash and enjoy playing in the leagues. We want people to see that squash is a great game to play, in a friendly competative atmosphere. We want new people to start playing squash, eg Juniors. Any behavoir on or off court that brings our great game into disrepute will not be tollerated. If necessary we will ban people for the rest of the season, possibly for next season as well, possibly permanently - whatever we see fit to protect the intergirty of our sport.

3/12/17 - Seeded players who don't play. 

  • Rule 23. Any player in a TEAM POSITION on a Club's seeding list who has not played a minimum of ONE match prior to the 1st January re-seeding date shall be REMOVED from that seeding list for the REMAINDER of the season.
  • Any players that been permanently injured may (may) be allowed to play, you must contact the League Secretary to review the situation prior to 1st January re-seeding. Any players approved will have (APRV) after their name on the seeding list. Players names on the seeding list is not confirmation that they are elligable.

2017 - Results / Fixtures - top tips

  • Fixture dates of 31/12/16 & 1/5/17 - whats that all about? these just indicate that the fixture is in the process of being arranged but the new date is not agreed yet. These are not (not) the real date. :-)
  • Get the full names of the opponents so you can enter the results with the correct names
  • Check with the opposing captain a few days ahead to confirm all OK, start time, any veggies etc
  • Remember rule 32: result should be entererd within 48 hrs... (read the rule - in fact read all the rules :-)
  • The League generally runs very smoothly, as long as we all use a bit of common sense, refer to the guidance tips on the website; have respect and show hospitality to your opponents

Let the Games commence... have a great season everyone, be competative, have fun, play safe :)

New Season 2017-18...

  • Saturday 23rd September– list sent to fixture generator - DONE
  • Sunday 24th September (EOD) – Large clubs get fixtures to check fixture clashes - DONE
  • Monday 25th September (EOD) – Fixtures published - DONE - gone to club capatins..
  • Tuesday 26th September - Fixtures on the web site (web site is master ie not the initial s/s published) - DONE
  • Monday 9th October – First fixtures

What to do with fixture clashes... 

At The Start of the Season

Check your fixtures, you have until end October to make any changes. The program that works out the fixtures is not perfect so there may be clashes, especially for the bigger clubs with more than one team sharing the same home night. All must be agreed with the other team in advance, other teams must help find a suitable date. All changes must be informed to the League Secretary.

Any match re-arrangement after 31st October must be for exceptional circumstances and must be by mutual agreement. But please be reasonable – it’s better to play if possible.

The League Secretary will make the changes on the web-site. Please note the initial list will not be re-issued – so always treat the web-site as the master list.


AGM - notes re the proposals below (also please see updated rules)

  • There will now be Premier 1 & Premier 2 - both PAR 11 scoring
  • PAR will be brought into the rest of the leagues next season (not this year but next year) - suggest you start playing all games like this now. There will be some analysis of matchs to see what is best PAR 11 or 13 or 15 
  • The last league has relaxed rules to help Captains get team out, to help all enjoy. (see rules)
  • Last 2 divisions have the option to play with a single yellow dot ball (see rules)
  • Juniors (ie under 19's) MUST wear eye protect
  • County Cup is expected to return with a small handicap tweek to help the lower paired division teams
  • There will be a racket ball league - if you want to enter a team - contact me now!!!!

New Season 2017-18

  • Hi Everyone, time to get sorted for the new season, please note the timetable below. Please get your club main contact to coordiante and feeback the information to us. 

  • Friday 4th August - Clubs confirm main contact - DONE
  • Friday 18th August - Clubs advise no of teams, home nights & Captains - DONE
  • Monday 28th August - County issue provisional teams & divisions - DONE
  • Friday 2nd September - Clubs feedback - DONE
  • Monday 4th September - County Re-issue teams & divisions (if required) - will review at the AGM
  • Monday 11th September – AGM 7:30pm @ the Park - DONE
  • AGM – all teams confirmed, all leagues confirmed, Uni’s confirm weeks to avoid, fees paid - DONE
  • Saturday 23rd September– list sent to fixture generator
  • Sunday 24th September (EOD) – Large clubs get fixtures to check fixture clashes
  • Monday 25th September (EOD) – Fixtures published
  • Monday 9th October – First fixtures
  • Nottinghamshire County Leagues 2017-18, Chnages to the League – feel free to comment individually by e-mail, please ensure your club has commented formally prior to the AGM

    Premier Division & Division 1

    The standard in the Premier & Division 1 leagues is improving and many teams (more than 10) want to be playing in a premier league. To help encourage this aspiration, to help increase the already high squash standard and to make the transition between Division 1 and Premier easier:-

  • Division 1 will become Premier Two.
  • Both Premier and Premier Two will have 10 teams.
  • Two teams will be promoted from Premier Two to Premier each year.
  • Both Premier and Premier Two will play PAR 11 scoring.
  • Being promoted from Premier Two will be the only way to gain entry to Premier.
  • The above means that lower leagues will see a name change eg Division 2 will become Division 1


    PAR is the standard scoring system in England Squash competitions (Adult & Junior). For all Juniors PAR is the normal scoring system. Many Counties have already moved to PAR in many leagues. At the AGM we will debate the move to PAR 11/13/15 in lower leagues. Either to introduce for the coming season or to agree a move in a future season.


    Ladies only 5 player teams have been in decline for the last few years. There were only 3 teams last year. So there will be no separate Ladies league this year. However we want to encourage Ladies to play in the leagues and to help new Ladies to start playing. Ladies have a few options, they can play in the main league, they can form a new team under a separate club banner (which may or may not include male players, as per Park Pinks or Grantham Allsorts) or enter a team into the introduction league (see below)

    Easy to Play Introduction League.

    There will be a new introduction league for people new to team squash and/or people wanting a more relaxed team match environment. (Would also be suitable for juniors). This should be easier to manage from a captains perspective and easier to get a team out re player eligibility and availability. There will be a very simplified set of league rules). It’s hoped that his will act as an introduction to playing in the normal / formal leagues and will attract more players into the league system. Possibly even new clubs.

    County Cup

    Subject to discussion at the AGM the county cup will be re-introduced.

    ANO League related competition

    Options to be discussed for a new league player competition. Eg. Individual, Handicapped, League Ranking Finals, Aged


    AGM will discuss the level of support for a “Squash 57” league

    Juniors Safety

    Rules re eye protection – needed!!

    Match Ball

    Currently this is Dunlop Double-Yellow Spot Pro Squash Ball.

    Double Yellow is used by professionals who get the ball a lot warmer than most of us can. If you watch any professional squash you will see that the ball is a lot bouncier than ours. This makes for longer rallies and better, more enjoyable squash. But we insist on playing with the double yellow for all our leagues. We should play with a ball that actually gives us the same level of bounce as the professionals. This will help newer and improving players to enjoy squash and improve their game. We should play with a single yellow in certain leagues.

    Use of the Single Yellow Spot Dunlop Match Squash Ball will be discussed for lower leagues (eg 5, 6 & Introduction)

  • cheers Steve

End of Season 2016-17

Last night (30/4/17) was the official end of the 2016-17 county leagues.

Huge thanks to all that have made this happen, team captains, club contacts etc.

If you have questions re promotions/demotions please see the notes on the website that explain how this works and that it’s never 100% confirmed until we know all teams teams entering for the next season.

As you know there was no county cup this year, we’d like to either re-instate this or do something different that will act as a season finale for next year. Ideas welcome.

Hope you all have a great summer break and come back refreshed and raring to go for another great season.

There will be some suggestions re slight “enhancements” to the leagues for next year, but more of that in about 4 months. Please do encourage new players and teams, including ladies and juniors. The leagues can cater for everyone.

cheers Steve


Nearly there....

Just a small number of games to be completed before the season officially ends. The orignal fixtures complete towards the end of March, but the league season officially finishes end of April. This allows a bit of space for re-arranged games to get completed.

There may also be the odd dispute, result query or rules infringement to be checked. Again these will be resolved during April.

New Year Re-Seeding

  • This allows you to completly review your seedings, this must be submitted by 23:59 on 31/12/16. (will not be accepted after this time/date)
  • Any team seeded player not played a game in the first half is not allowed to play in the second half, as per rule 23, even if they are on the "published" seeding list. Exceptions to this can be approved by the league secretary prior to 23:59 on 31/12/16
  • New players are allowed in the second half as per rule 24

Dec. 16. Penalties - Who Wants Penalties?

  • Well no one does..  We don't want to give them either, but we will if necessary
  • ideally penalties are just a deterant - they all relate to rules that you should follow anyway as they are just good practice and make the leagues run smoothly and effectivley
  • they also prevent frustrations eg late results: especially now as we move into the second half and we are all keen to see the latest results
  • so...
  • Please Please Please dont trip over the penalty rules, thanks

2016 - Results / Fixtures - top tips

  • Fixture dates of 31/12/16 & 1/5/17 - whats that all about? these just indicate that the fixture is in the process of being arranged but the new date is not agreed yet. These are not (not) the real date. :-)
  • Get the full names of the opponents so you can enter the results with the correct names
  • Check with the opposing captain a few days ahead to confirm all OK, start time, any veggies etc
  • Remember rule 32: result should be entererd within 48 hrs... (read the rule - in fact read all the rules :-)
  • The League generally runs very smoothly, as long as we all use a bit of common sense, refer to the guidance tips on the website; have respect and show hospitality to your opponments

27/9/16 - General


  • Notts Uni Staff - are now "Nottm University"
  • UoN = University of Nottingham Students
  • Rushcliffe will be moving to new courts - check with the teams - Rushcliffe 4 are likley to play all away games in the first half - expect some change to fixture on the website.
  • Grove - NC means new courts - see the new address on the website but please check with Grove
  • Trent Vale is no more - have merged with Chillwell

18/09/16 - 2016-17


  • Fixtures are now on the website, the fixture generator has some limitations so please check for clashes, especially where you have teams with the same home nights.
  • Where you have a fixture issue you have untill the end October to agree new dates with you opponents (for any fixture for the whole year) - email changes to notts squash noting "divsion, team, date was, date is" 
  • You will also get a one time only excel of the fixture list but this gets out of date as soon as there are any changes made on the website - so website to your official referance
  • Please especially expect some fixture changes from Student teams who have to work arround extended holidays
  • Division 6 - as there are fewer teams in this league we'll be discussing some "extra" games with the team captains


  • Team Entry Fee agreed to go from £45 to £50 for this season (8 years since last change)
  • Revised league approved, note new teams mean that some second place teams do not get promoted 
  • Ladies team to be seperate league of teams of 5 players, but we need more teams, suggestion to create new teams by bring together players from several clubs - contact us if you want to play
  • Rule 23 has changed, must play 3 times before new year is now just once

Time table

  • Thursday 22nd September – Fixtures published 
  • Saturday 24th September - Seeding list to be with Notts Squash
  • Monday 3rd October – First fixtures

24/05/16 - Next Year

Hi all, phew – well that’s another year done and dusted

Time to start thinking about next year – yes really!!

Last couple of years we have got off to a slow start to the season so I’ll be asking you for your information a little earlier this year, so start thinking and planning now…

What I will need to know is:-

  • Are you having the same number of teams?
  • Any new teams / or folding teams?
  • If you have a team in a promotion position then they should get promoted, however if you know they may be weaker next year and don’t want to be promoted then I need to know.
  • If you have a team in a demotion position then they should get demoted, however if you know they may be much stronger next year and want to stay in the same league then I need to know (no promises but if I know then I can try to accommodate)
  • Will you be having a Ladies team? We will be doing something to help the ladies game next year, so if you have any Ladies who could be interested in playing team squash (even if just 1, 2 or 3 players) then please let me know, also please send over the contact details of the ladies contact as we’ll have some options to discuss.
  • Who will be your captains – if they are new I’ll arrange an “introductory session” on the do’s & don’ts of being a captain. Please give me contact details of new captains asap.
  • The above session may become a more general session of;-
    • How to get the best from team squash
    • How to be a team Captain &/or Club Captain
    • Top tips, key do’s & don’ts
    • Leagues Rules Master Class
    • Referring basics & top tips
    • Please let me know if you are interested

23/05/16 - That was the year that was 2015-16

  • BIG THANKYOU to everyone who helped to make 2015-16 another great squash year for Nottinghamshire

  • If you want to help just a little bit more just tell your Captain you want to lighten the load. Just tell you club you'd like to be a Captain, Just speak with your club to see how you can contribute. Just contact the county to see how you can help. Just speak with a referree and get yourself on a course. Volunteers make thing happen !!! There would be no NSRA or Leagues or County Cup without volunteers

14/05/16 – Season Finale

See you all at the finals day next Sunday !!

10/04/16 – Promotion/Demotion

Not too long to go now to complete the season, make sure all re-arranged games are... arranged. Theres a couple left over from the first half so get them booked, let the league now re the dates so the website fixtures can be kept in line. Remember all results to be in by end 30th April, any not in then matches will be deemed void and both teams getting a five point penalty- but we'd rather you played it!. (penalties subject to any mitigating circumstances agreed with the league prior to the 30th)

Theres naturally a lot of interest now in the results as teams are working out what they need to do in the last cpuple of games to possibly get promotion or avoid demotion. (see also League News) So get those results in asap, penalties may be applied for those that dont - but this is meant as a deterant so just get the results it!

Did You Know?

Nottinghamshire Squash Rackets Association - League Season 2015-2016

  • 8 Leagues
  • 23 clubs
  • 71 teams
  • ~600 players
  • 574 fixtures
  • ~2800 individual matches 

thats a lot of Squash !  

28/03/16 – Promotion/Demotion

Default position is  2up, 2 down.

But this gets impacted by several things which could change who goes up/down...ie if 11 in the league then you can expect that 3 may go down. That could send 3 down into the lower league and force 3 out of the bottom of that league. Reversley if 9 in a league then just one may go down.

Each new season theres always a couple of new teams starting and a couple dropping out, so if there is a new team starting in a league then that may force out another demotion to make space (we need to keep to 10 per league or is makes the fixture production too difficult). If a team drops out of a division then it may mean that only one gets demotion - unless perhaps if there are 2 teams that are clearly (ie similar points) not as good at the rest and they should both go down.

It all gets a bit complex and cannot be clarified until we know which teams are being eneterd (or not enetered) at the start of the next season. We want to have teams in the correct divisions for their ability - the League Sub-Committee reservse the right to adjust the leagues, teams , promotions, demotions in order to achieve this - simples! 

04/01/16 – Ladies Teams - Nottingham University Students have withdrawn

  • To confirm that in December NUS Ladies team have withdrawn, unable to get a team out for the matches - all fixtures and results removed.

01/01/16 - Re-Seeding Closed

The deadline has passed so no more re-seeding - clubs that provided new lists will have "(1/1/16)" showing on the seeding list. For those that have not re-submitted it is possible that they should have done.... (see below)

Please note it is the responsability of club captains, team captains (and players) to ensure they do not play ineligible players. EG a player who has not played the required 3 games (once for premier players) and has not been seperatly approved (you will see "Aprv" on the seeding list) may still be showing on the seeding list even though they are ineligible.

Also note new players (new) may have been introduced at this time who will not have playerd 3 times in the first half. If players have been removed from the list then they are not allowed to play at all (ie they have been removed). Sometimes they will be shown with strikethru. 

17/12/15 "Half Time"

Well we are just about half way through - a couple of important notes 

this is just a reminder as you have of course read the rules (several times and have memorised them).......

PS - why do we have rules? because its the only way to have a fair enjoyable league, they are all there for a reason and if you understand them then it will all work out wonderfully :-)

Rule 22: A Club may re-seed at 1st January. Notice of re-seeding MUST be received by the League Sub-Committee PRIOR to this date by return of a revised seeding list. (Clarification: Note also rule 24; This is the only time you can change the order of players in your seeding list (you can only insert players up to 31st December). If players are removed from the list you are confirming that they are no longer eligible* or willing (Rule 15) to play team squash. *they will be deemed ineligible (note rule 11)). (see also rule 24)

- if no change then dont bother sending anything in - but if you are changing then dont be late - anything recieved after midnight on 31st Dec will not be allowed.  

Rule 23. Any player in a TEAM POSITION on a Club's seeding list who has not played a minimum of THREE matches prior to the 1st January re-seeding date shall be REMOVED from that seeding list for the REMAINDER of the season, (ie cannot play again!!) other than in Premier competitions and Ladies leagues where a player is required to play only once.

- if you feel there are "mitigating" circumstance then please e-mail explaining

Rule 24. For NON-PREMIER DIVISION teams, no new player(s) may be introduced into a Club's seeding list after 31st December. (Clarification: From 1st January and until end of season, new players may only be added to the end of the list (these will not be shown on the web site). Please note, added at the bottom of the list and in the order of appearance. IE they must play in one sequence until the end of the season)(EG Player A is added and plays for team 2 on 10th Jan. Player B is added and plays for team 1 on 10th Feb. If both play for team 1 on 10th March then player A will play above B, regardless of ability. This rule helps protect the integrity of the original teams and prevents the late introduction of players into the list just to improve results towards the end of the season) PREMIER DIVISION teams may not introduce any new player(s) after 31st October.

16/12/15 – County Closed & dates clash

  • IMPORTANT - CC is on January 30 & 31st - this will clash with some league games, if either team want to re-arrange because players want to play in the county closed(also allowing a day either side)  - then the game must be re-arranged. really sorry if this causes any problems but we really want as many people as possible to play in the county closed

15/12/15 – Match date new years eve???

  • if you see a match date of 31/12/15 - then this means that the two teams have agreed to re-arrange a first half fixture, but that the new date has not yet been agreed. Its not the macth date !!! (01/05/16 means the same for the second half)

15/11/15 – entering results

  • Please enter results within 48hrs (Rule 32), this makes the league more enjoyable as we all want to see latest results, our current position in the league and to check player availability re number of times played. This makes our league more enjoyable, interesting and fair. Please do so in respect to the other players and teams

08/11/15 – new menu tabs on the Results screen

  • to see this you will have used the new tabs, hopefully these are a little easier to use and find. It will be easier for me to add urgent messages and Ill use the "READ ME !!!" to highlight these.

04/11/15 – Ladies Teams - NSRC Nottingham have withdrawn

  • Nottingham Ladies have withdrawn from the league - all fixtures and results removed.

27/10/15 – please enter the results correctly

  • please double check before saving - to change anything I have to clear & then you have to completely re-enter it again - easier to get it right first time :)

17/10/15 – and the're underway !!

  • so the season has started with the first games being played - hope everybody has a great enjoyable season, played in the right spirit - have fun !!!

  • been a few fixture changes so do check - always check in advance with your opponents a few days ahead to confirm start time, food etc etc

07/10/15 – Seedings - Final Warning

  • Deadline extended, unless agreed otherwise any club failing to provide seedings by midnight Saturday 10th Oct - then every team gets a 2 point penalty

  • so don't be late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/10/15 – Fixtures

  • when advising re fixture changes please say; eg "Div 2 Southwell 3 v Chillwell 2 moved from 20/10/15 to 15/11/15" (just make it very clear to me - TA)

04/10/15 – Seedings

  • Monday 5th October is the official last date for sending in your club seedings..... (PS web site takes a few days to catch up....)

04/10/15 – New Players

  • at the start of the season the web site lets you enter new players when entering the results - so please ensure you have everybody's full name spelt correctly.

27/09/15 – New Captains

  • any new captains will need a "website admin" to add results, just e-mail a request (before you need it :-) , cheers

27/09/15 – Fixtures

  • Fixtures are now published on the web-site, club main contacts also have a s/sheet version. However web site is the master reference. As always clubs & teams have untill 31st October to re-arrange any problem fixture dates. All changes must (please note must means must) be communicated to notts squash so the web site can be updated. Contacts list also with main contacts - please note this needs some revision and will be updated in coming days

20/09/15 – Fixtures

  • Fixtures are with NSRC for checking, would expect to publish by approx 27th, would expect first games from 12th October

16/09/15 – Fixtures

  • Some final checks underway by the clubs, then we'll crunch the fixtures, then of to NSRC as they have so many teams they will need to resolve there home night clashes first, so go get some practice games in - the season starts soon !!!

08/09/15 – Rule Change

  • AGM Meeting voted to revert rule 21 back to the original

31/08/15 – New Season - are you ready?

  • AGM Meeting is at the Park 7:30pm 8th September - someone from your club must attend

  • You must have all your teams, expected league, home nights, start time ready prior to the AGM

  • Do you also want an Intro team, junior team, racketball team?

  • Are you working on your seeding list

  • go read "Get the Best" on the web-site - lots of useful info & tips

16/08/15 – AGM & League Meeting

  • AGM Meeting is at the Park 7:30pm 8th September

  • Team entry fee £45/team, note Intro Teams & Racketball teams are FREE entry

09/08/15 – New Season Preparations

  • Racketball - very enjoyable league started last year - please advice league secretary re your teams for this year

  • don't forget also intro league, for new starters, juniors. returners etc

  • Additional ladies teams also welcome

30/07/15 – New Season Preparations

  • A new season approaches and we all have to get ready… so what do you need to do?

    1. Confirm your club representative, and club captain if different – one of these must attend the AGM

    2. Read “Get the Best” on the web-site and follow the advice for “Before the Season”

    3. You must have all your teams, expected league, home nights, start time ready prior to the AGM

    4. Please consider Intro and Junior teams and advice the league secretary if this is a possibility – we are trying to encourage more participation for new/junior players.

    5. Also prepare your seeding list

    6. Attend the AGM on 8th September

    7. Read “Get the Best” and follow the advice for “Start of the Season”

    8. Club rep, Club captain, team captains read the updated Rules, lots of clarification notes to help you.

    9. Confirm & send in your seeding list, only additions & no changes after this (read the rules)

    10. Check & change any fixtures before 31st October

    11. Everyone (including all players) read the rest of “Get the Best” and follow the advice

    12. Then go and enjoy friendly competitive squash in the best league in the country


18/05/15 – 17th May County Cup Finals & Presentations

  • Big thanks to everyone for attending - hope you all enjoyed the squash & the friendly competition

30/04/15 – Summer League

If you would like a team in the friendly summer league please reply to the league secretary by the end of May

26/04/15 - All done for another year

  • All main leagues have now completed - see the results for the final placings
  • Intro League & Racketball league can continue to complete the fixtures
  • County Cup Finals and League winner presentations at the Park on Sunday 17th May - all welcome!!

29/03/15 - Expunges - Why?

Ideally this is just a deterrent so that all teams make every effort to play all their games. If a team only plays some and forfeits others then it distorts the results and can result in an "unfair" league table at the end of the season. However if a team forfeits 2 games then they will be "expunged" and the results are stripped out so you are left at the end of the season with the actual games played for the teams that have fully participated, ie a fair result for those teams at the end of the season. Please note this is not in any way a criticism to those teams that get expunged, they are likely to have had a problematic season with injuries etc and will have worked hard to play games, however we want the final league result to be fair to those that did play.

29/03/15 - Late Results - Why Penalties?

Results being entered late is a big frustration to many players who follow the results closely. With entry via the web site there is very little excuse to not get them done. This problem is more critical at the end of the season when teams are desperate to predict how they will finish and how many points they need in the last game or two. Ideally this is just a deterrent but it will be applied as needed.