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New Players but no team - if you want to play team squash but for whatever reason dont have a team to play for regularly, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with a club who are happy to take new players at any level.

AGM - notes re the proposals below (also please see updated rules)

  • There will now be Premier 1 & Premier 2 - both PAR 11 scoring
  • PAR will be brought into the rest of the leagues next season (not this year but next year) - suggest you start playing all games like this now. There will be some analysis of matchs to see what is best PAR 11 or 13 or 15 
  • The last league has relaxed rules to help Captains get team out, to help all enjoy. (see rules)
  • Last 2 divisions have the option to play with a single yellow dot ball (see rules)
  • Juniors MUST wear eye protect
  • County Cup is expected to return with a small handicap tweek to help the lower paired division teams
  • There will be a racket ball league - if you want to enter a team - contact me now!!!!

New Season 2017-18

  • Hi Everyone, time to get sorted for the new season, please note the timetable below. Please get your club main contact to coordiante and feeback the information to us. 

  • Friday 4th August - Clubs confirm main contact - DONE
  • Friday 18th August - Clubs advise no of teams, home nights & Captains - DONE
  • Monday 28th August - County issue provisional teams & divisions - DONE
  • Friday 2nd September - Clubs feedback - DONE
  • Monday 4th September - County Re-issue teams & divisions (if required) - will review at the AGM
  • Monday 11th September – AGM 7:30pm @ the Park - DONE
  • AGM – all teams confirmed, all leagues confirmed, Uni’s confirm weeks to avoid, fees paid - doing
  • Saturday 23rd September– list sent to fixture generator
  • Sunday 24th September (EOD) – Large clubs get fixtures to check fixture clashes
  • Monday 25th September (EOD) – Fixtures published
  • Monday 9th October – First fixtures
  • Nottinghamshire County Leagues 2017-18, Chnages to the League – feel free to comment individually by e-mail, please ensure your club has commented formally prior to the AGM

    Premier Division & Division 1

    The standard in the Premier & Division 1 leagues is improving and many teams (more than 10) want to be playing in a premier league. To help encourage this aspiration, to help increase the already high squash standard and to make the transition between Division 1 and Premier easier:-

  • Division 1 will become Premier Two.
  • Both Premier and Premier Two will have 10 teams.
  • Two teams will be promoted from Premier Two to Premier each year.
  • Both Premier and Premier Two will play PAR 11 scoring.
  • Being promoted from Premier Two will be the only way to gain entry to Premier.
  • The above means that lower leagues will see a name change eg Division 2 will become Division 1


    PAR is the standard scoring system in England Squash competitions (Adult & Junior). For all Juniors PAR is the normal scoring system. Many Counties have already moved to PAR in many leagues. At the AGM we will debate the move to PAR 11/13/15 in lower leagues. Either to introduce for the coming season or to agree a move in a future season.


    Ladies only 5 player teams have been in decline for the last few years. There were only 3 teams last year. So there will be no separate Ladies league this year. However we want to encourage Ladies to play in the leagues and to help new Ladies to start playing. Ladies have a few options, they can play in the main league, they can form a new team under a separate club banner (which may or may not include male players, as per Park Pinks or Grantham Allsorts) or enter a team into the introduction league (see below)

    Easy to Play Introduction League.

    There will be a new introduction league for people new to team squash and/or people wanting a more relaxed team match environment. (Would also be suitable for juniors). This should be easier to manage from a captains perspective and easier to get a team out re player eligibility and availability. There will be a very simplified set of league rules). It’s hoped that his will act as an introduction to playing in the normal / formal leagues and will attract more players into the league system. Possibly even new clubs.

    County Cup

    Subject to discussion at the AGM the county cup will be re-introduced.

    ANO League related competition

    Options to be discussed for a new league player competition. Eg. Individual, Handicapped, League Ranking Finals, Aged


    AGM will discuss the level of support for a “Squash 57” league

    Juniors Safety

    Rules re eye protection – needed!!

    Match Ball

    Currently this is Dunlop Double-Yellow Spot Pro Squash Ball.

    Double Yellow is used by professionals who get the ball a lot warmer than most of us can. If you watch any professional squash you will see that the ball is a lot bouncier than ours. This makes for longer rallies and better, more enjoyable squash. But we insist on playing with the double yellow for all our leagues. We should play with a ball that actually gives us the same level of bounce as the professionals. This will help newer and improving players to enjoy squash and improve their game. We should play with a single yellow in certain leagues.

    Use of the Single Yellow Spot Dunlop Match Squash Ball will be discussed for lower leagues (eg 5, 6 & Introduction)

  • cheers Steve