Club Seedings - Notes


Use the above Seedings tab to get to the seedings for each club

Please see the main rules for instructions on seeding - but please note

you must submit a seeding list in the correct format before the start of the season

correct format is in "excel" & as per Chilwell on the website

you can only change (re-order those already there) the seeding list at 1st January

Premier 1 can insert new players only up to 31st October

Rest (inc Premier 2) can insert new players up to 31st December

Any player in a team position (has a team number) not playing 1 game before 31st December is ineligible to play in the second half

An appeal regards the above can be made prior to 31st December, eg if not played due to injury then they may be approved (Aprv) for the second half

A player on the seeding list is not proof of eligibility, eg the above may apply, but the club has not submitted a corrected seeding list

if (Aprv) is against a player then they have been approved for the second half

please read the rules for full rulings and interpretations

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